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Dusseldorf Carnival

Month : November
Place : Dusseldorf, (Rhineland) Germany
Famous For : Cultural Festival
Attractions : Parades, Women stealing beer sips & Kissing, Men Parades in Women Costumes, Party, Dances.

The Dusseldorf Carnival is tagged as one of the biggest cultural events in Dusseldorf, (Rhineland) Germany. Also called as - the Karneval or the "fifth season", the Dusseldorf Carnival starts every year in the month of November and reaches its climax on Rosenmontag (Rose Monday) The closing of this cultural gala features a huge parade through the streets of D"sseldorf. The Dusseldorf carnival is actually a part of traditional carnival festivities in the Rhineland.

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Dusseldorf Carnival

The Dusseldorf Carnival or the "fifth season" festival transforms Dusseldorf from a buzzing economic epicenter into a beer-soaked fool's paradise during Carnival. While the festivities officially commence in November, Carnival's three-day climax is likely the best time to see the city cut loose. The Altweiberfastnacht tradition entails women taking over, or running all over, the city. On their way they steal sips off men's beer until they receive a kiss. Afterward, men parade in women's clothing during the Tutenlauf. And all this occurs before people get really tipsy during the barhopping and dancing later that night at parties that last well into Fat Tuesday. The madness wraps up by Ash Wednesday when mourning fools burn the "Hoppeditz", an effigy of a jester that's celebrated with flair in November.

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