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Moros y Cristianos

Month : April
Place : Spain
Famous For : Traditional Festival
Attractions : Parades, Gunpowder, Medieval Music & Fireworks

The Moros y Cristianos is a popular Spanish festival, celebrated to commemorate the battles, combats and fights between Moors (or Muslims) and Christians from the 8th century to 15th century. This period is known as 'Reconquista' and Moros y Cristianos is held with focus on it. The celebrations of this festivity include a set of festival activities celebrated chiefly in the southern Valencian Community as well as in many towns and cities of Spain.

Major Attractions

Moros y Cristianos

The festivals of Moros y Cristianos represents the capture of the city by the Moors and the subsequent Christian reconquest. The people that take part in the festival are usually enlisted in filaes or comparsas, and for several days, they parade with bombastic costumes loosely inspired by Medieval fashion. The most well-known Moros y Cristianos festival takes place in Alcoy from 22 to 24 April, around the Feast Day of Saint George. Another remarkable. The festival develops among shots of gunpowder, medieval music, and fireworks, and ends with the Christians winning a simulated battle around a castle. Moros y Cristianos festivals are celebrated in the towns of Bocairent (Medieval town 1"5 February), La Vila Joiosa (with its desembarc), Villena, Biar, Cocentaina, Crevillent, El Campello, Elda, Muro d'Alcoi, Oliva (third weekend in July), Ontinyent, Oriola, Petrer, Pollen"a and some districts of Alicante city. The most ancient festival is celebrated in Caudete (Albacete), dated from 1588. The Moros y Cristianos festival is celebrated in Philippines also in the form of the moro-moro play. It begins with a parade of stars in their colorful costumes

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