Arts Festivals

Arts Festivals The arts festival are considered to be the celebration of creativity and innovation. These important observances focus on the visual arts in all its forms. However the scope of an arts festival may also focus on or include other arts. These are organized by internationally recognized curators, who send invitations to participants for their presence in these unique events. Most famous arts festival in the world include the likes of Galway Arts Festival in Ireland. These celebrations of art provide a relishing opportunity to have a glimpse of world artistic talent.

Galway Arts Festival
Month: July
Place: Galway, Ireland
Attractions: Various arts like Theater, Dpectacle, Street Art, Music, Comedy, Literature etc.
Month: September
Place: Seattle, U.S.A
Attractions: Laser Light Shows, Arts, Music, Comedy, Dance, Theater, Folk Music and Films.
Fringe Festival
Month: August
Place: Edinburgh, Scotland
Attractions: Theaters in various shapes like castles, public toilet, churches etc.
Ghent Festival
Month: July
Place: Ghent, Belgium
Attractions: Public drunkenness, Street Acts, Party.
Glastonbury Festival
Month: June
Place: Glastonbury, England
Attractions: Contemporary Music & Arts, Dance, comedy, Theatre, Circus, Cabaret.
Golden Shears
Month: March
Place: Masterton, New Zealand
Attractions: Sheep Shearing
White Nights Festival
Month: May
Place: St. Petersburg, Russia
Attractions: Opera arts, Ballet, Fireworks and Classical music.
San Marcos National Fair
Month: April & May
Place: Mexico
Attractions: National Poetry Prize, Cock Fights, Rodeos, Bullfights
Venice Carnival
Month: February
Place: Venice, Italy
Attractions: Masks of different traditional characters, Fancy-dress Posers, Parties.
Boston Festival
Month: June
Place: Boston, London
Attractions: Folk music, Arts & Crafts fair, Dance performances
St. Nicholas Winterfest
Month: January
Place: Plymouth, Michigan, (U.S.A)
Attractions: St Nicholas festival market
Greenbelt Festival
Month: August
Place: England
Attractions: Arts, Faith & Justice celebrations, Music concerts
Tulsa Mayfest
Month: May
Place: Tulsa, U.S.A
Attractions: Visual Arts, Dances, Music Competitions, Kids Zone.

Balloon FestivalsBalloon Festivals
Enjoy the colorful sky with air balloons of different shapes, colors and sizes rising up in the air.
Gay FestivalGay / Lesbian Festival
Have a glimpse of most widely celebrated gay or lesbian festivals in the world.

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