Love and Passion Festivals

Love and Passion Festivals Celebrate love and passion on these unique festive occasions observed in different parts of the world. These special festivals are a means to express your emotions to your nears and dears as well as celebrate to the fullest in their company. Festivals like La Tomatina, Sanja Matsuri etc are a showcase of intense passion, which the people have evolved for fun and celebration. Expressing your love to your mates on Valentine's Day is a festival every single person waits for.

Valentines Day
Month: February
Place: Worldwide
Attractions: Love Confessions, Greting Cards, Exchange of Gifts, Day of Lovers, Roses.
San Fermin
Month: July
Place: Iruamplona, Spain
Attractions: Running of bulls, Fights between men & bulls.
Guca Trumpet Festival
Month: August
Place: Guca, Serbia
Attractions: Blowing of Trumpets, Dances in national dress
La Tomatina
Month: August
Place: Valencia, Spain
Attractions: Throwing of tomatoes, music, parades, dancing & fireworks.
Love Parade
Month: August
Place: Berlin, Germany
Attractions: Golden Angel, Gay & Lesbian Parades.
Mardi Gras
Month: March/April
Place: New Orleans, U.S.A
Attractions: Throwing of Beads, Bare breast women, Music, Parades & Picnics
Friendship Day
Month: August
Place: World Wide
Attractions: Gifts for Friends, Greeting Cards, Enjoyment with riends.
Key West Fantasy Fest
Month: October
Place: Key West (Miami), U.S.A
Attractions: Fetish Party, Headress Ball, Danceapalooza, Celebrity look-a-like competition, Wet T-Shirt Competition, Toga parties.

Balloon FestivalsBalloon Festivals
Enjoy the colorful sky with air balloons of different shapes, colors and sizes rising up in the air.
Gay FestivalGay / Lesbian Festival
Have a glimpse of most widely celebrated gay or lesbian festivals in the world.

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