Sports Festivals

Sports Festivals The sports festivals involve a wide range of sports played for celebrating sportsman ship. These may involve modern or traditional games or some games with unusual rules and regulations like Surin Elephant Round Up etc but the focus of all such events is on entertainment. All sports festival involve an intense test of skills, courage, endurance and the thrust to be at the top. Traditional sports festival like Bay to Breakers, Calcio Storcio etc, celebrate ancient games with same zeal and excitement.

Bay to Breakers
Month: May
Place: San Francisco, U.S.A
Attractions: Footraces, Participants in Elaborated Costumes, Tortilla Toss, Music Bands.
Calgary Stampede
Month: July
Place: Calgary, Canada
Attractions: Parade, Stage Shows, Concerts, Agricultural Competitions, Chuckwagon Racing and First Nations Exhibitions
Calcio Storico
Month: June
Place: Piazza Santa (Florence), Italy
Attractions: Football wuth Bare-Knuckle Fighting, Game is held in a Giant Sand Pit, Conciliatory Costumed Celebration and Feast
Festival Au Desert
Month: Jannuary
Place: Essakan, Mali
Attractions: Tuareg music, Touareg dances, Poetry Readings, Camel Rides, Games.
Litang Horse Festival
Month: August
Place: Litang, China
Attractions: Horsemanship and Horse Races, Adventure Trips and Tours, Camp Sites
Surin Elephant Round Up
Month: November
Place: Surin, Thailand
Attractions: Elephant Hunts, Elephant football, Tugs of War
Naadam Festival
Month: July
Place: Naadam, Monglia
Attractions: Wrestling, Horse Racing and Archery
National Finals Rodeo
Month: December
Place: Las Vegas, United States
Attractions: Bareback riding, Steer wrestling, Team roping.
Palio di Siena
Month: July & August
Place: Siena, Italy
Attractions: Bareback Jockeys, Colorful Dresses, Unmounted horses finishing the race.
Sahara Douz Festival
Month: December
Place: Tunisia
Attractions: Camel Marathons, Bedouin Marriage, Poetry, Songs, Dances.
San Fermin
Month: July
Place: Iruamplona, Spain
Attractions: Running of bulls, Fights between men & bulls.
San Marcos National Fair
Month: April & May
Place: Mexico
Attractions: National Poetry Prize, Cock Fights, Rodeos, Bullfights.
Holmenkollen Ski Festival
Month: Winters in Norway
Place: Holmenkollen, Norway
Attractions: World's oldest skiing competition
Month: February
Place: Canada
Attractions: Adventure Sports, Ice Sculptures, Musical Concerts.
Cheese Rolling Festival
Month: May
Place: Gloucester, England
Attractions: Cheese Rolling down the hill, Races to catch Cheese.
Highland Games
Month: All over the year
Place: Scotland
Attractions: Events like Bagpipes, Kilt, Caber toss etc
Royal Ascot
Month: August
Place: England
Attractions: Horse Race, Ascot Gold Cup, Dress Codes
Snowbombing Festival
Month: April
Place: Austria
Attractions: Rock Music, Winter Sports, a DJ and Electronic Dance Music

Balloon FestivalsBalloon Festivals
Enjoy the colorful sky with air balloons of different shapes, colors and sizes rising up in the air.
Gay FestivalGay / Lesbian Festival
Have a glimpse of most widely celebrated gay or lesbian festivals in the world.

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