Cultural Traditional Festivals

Cultural Traditional Festivals Celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the world with most popular cultural celebrations in different parts of the world. Explore various interesting traditions and customs followed during these popular cultural celebrations. The spectrum of various cultures all over the world are primarily showcased in these cultural festivals all over the world.

Aloha Festivals
Month: September/October
Place: Hawaii, U.S.A
Attractions: Markets, Cook-Offs, Parades, Street Parties, Boat Races, Musical and Dance Performances
Ati Atihan Festival
Month: NA
Place: Panay, Philippines
Attractions: Black Facepaint, Ladyboys, Loud Drums, Gyrating Females, Bullfights, Beauty Peagents, Snake Dance
Month: April
Place: Punjab, India
Attractions: Fairs, Food, Dances, Martial Arts, Religious Gatherings.
Bhai Dooj
Month: October/November
Place: India
Attractions: Tilak on Brother's Forehead, Exchange of Gifts, Puja.
Bahamas Junkanoo Festival
Month: January
Place: Bahamas
Attractions: Parades with Dance, Music & Art.
Durga Puja
Month: October/November
Place: West Bengal, India
Attractions: Singing, Dancing, Sweets, Traditional Customs, Worship of Goddess Durga, Huge idols of Durga
Boi Bumba
Month: June
Place: Psongs, Brazil
Attractions: Parades, Parties, Two Strongly Divided Teams.
Dusseldorf Carnival
Month: November
Place: Dusseldorf, (Rhineland) Germany
Attractions: Parades, Women stealing beer sips & Kissing, Men Parades in Women Costumes, Party, Dances.
Bonn Om Tuk
Month: October/November
Place: Cambodia
Attractions: Boat races, Elaborately designed boat parades, Fireworks
Bun Bang Fai
Month: May
Place: Laos, Thailand
Attractions: Skyrockets Competition filled with rockets having Gunpowder, Ribbons and a Dragons Head. .
Burning Man
Month: August-September
Place: Nevada, U.S.A
Attractions: Bonfire, Art exhibits, Music performances.
Day of the Dead
Month: November
Place: Latin America
Attractions: Remebring dead people by telling stories & organizing parties, Gifting sugar skulls, marigolds, favorite foods and beverages to dead people.
Essouira Gnawa
Month: June
Place: Essaouira, Morocco
Attractions: Gnawa Music, 3-Stringed Flute, Castanets and Ganga drums
Festa Junina
Month: Brazil Winter
Place: Brazil
Attractions: Dressing up like a farmer, Dancing, Drinking, Fireworks.
Festa del Redentore
Month: July
Place: Venice, Italy
Attractions: Different kinds of boats with balloons and garlands, Fireworks
Gion Matsuri
Month: July
Place: Kyoto, Japan
Attractions: 32 traditionally carved wooded floats covered in ancient tapestries, Street Parties and Markets
Groundhog Day
Month: February
Place: Pennsylvania , U.S.A
Attractions: Watching the groundhog emerging from its burrow.
Jidai Matsuri
Month: October
Place: Kyoto, Japan
Attractions: Costume performers dressed as samurai, Military figures, Portable Shrines , Japanese womenfolk dressed in Junihitoe.
Kaapse Klopse
Month: January
Place: Cape Town, South Africa
Attractions: Street Parades with Singing, Dancing, Costume Competitions & Marches through the Streets
Karatsu Kunchi
Month: November
Place: Karatsu, Japan
Attractions: Daily parades of fourteen 'hikiyama', massive floats in the form of samurai helmets, sea bream, dragons, and other fantastical creatures.
Month: January
Place: North India
Attractions: Bonfires, Punjabi Cuisine, Dance, Celebration of Farmer's Harvest, Sweets, Various Indian Customs.
Month: October/November
Place: Kerala, India
Attractions: Boat Racing, Pulikali (dressing up like tigers or leopards on two feet), Ball Games, Playing Dramas.
Month: July/August
Place: Cape Coast, Ghana
Attractions: Conferences on African arts, history & international relationships, Acts on Theater, Drama, Music, Poetry etc
Pasifika Festival
Month: Spring Season
Place: Auckland, New Zealand
Attractions: Grand opening ceremony, Pacific Traditional Music, Dance, Crafts and Culture.
Santiago de Cuba Carnaval
Month: July
Place: Santiago de Cuba
Attractions: Street Musical Parties, Whole city plays music.
Seville Feria de Abril
Month: April
Place: Seville, Spain
Attractions: Casetas (decorated marquee tents), Traditional dresses, Jerez Sherry drinks
Surin Elephant Round Up
Month: November
Place: Surin, Thailand
Attractions: Elephant Hunts, Elephant football, Tugs of War
Month: August
Place: North India
Attractions: Fasting, Beautifully Dressed Women, Folk Songs, Dances, Sweets (Ghevar).
Thanksgiving Day
Month: November
Place: World Wide (Specially U.S.A)
Attractions: Official beginning of Christmas season, Customary Feasts, Family Gatherings, American football and Parade
Las Fallas
Month: March
Place: Valencia, Spain
Attractions: Fallas laoded firecrackers, Valencia costumes, Valencian drum and traditional bands.
La Tamborrada Festival
Month: December
Place: San Sebastian
Attractions: Overnight Druns, Parades, Children Parades, Dresses of Soldiers.
Moros y Cristianos
Month: April
Place: Spain
Attractions: Parades, Gunpowder, Medieval Music & Fireworks
Montreal High Lights Festival
Month: February/March
Place: Montreal, Canada
Attractions: Arts & Cultural Performances, Food City, Wine Events & Information Sessions .
Naadam Festival
Month: July
Place: Naadam, Monglia
Attractions: Wrestling, Horse Racing and Archery
New Year
Month: January
Place: Worldwide
Attractions: Parties, Drinks, Dance, Music, Parades, Holidays.
Month: January
Place: Tamil Nadu, India
Attractions: Rice Pudding, Rangoli, Tamil New Year.
Songkran Festival
Month: April
Place: Thailand
Attractions: Water Fight, Music, Dancing, Visits to Temples
San Fermin
Month: July
Place: Iruamplona, Spain
Attractions: Running of bulls, Fights between men & bulls.
Tet Festival
Month: January/February
Place: Vietnam
Attractions: Food, Drinks, Blooming Flowers, Firecrackers, Public Parades and Carnivals
Vienna Opera Ball
Month: February
Place: Vienna, Austria
Attractions: Dress Codes, Horse-drawn Carriages, Walzers.
Boryeong Mud Festival
Month: July
Place: Boryeong, South Korea
Attractions: Mud Games, Visit to Coal Mine & a Buddhist Shrine.
Cannabis Cup
Month: November
Place: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Attractions: Marijuana Growing Competition, Live Music, Comedy and an Expo
Festa Junina
Month: Brazil Winter
Place: Brazil
Attractions: ressing up like a farmer, Dancing, Drinking, Fireworks.
Harbin Ice and Snow Festival
Month: January
Place: Harbin, China
Attractions: Yabuli alpine skiing, Winter Swimming, Ice Lantern Exhibition.
Full Moon Party
Month: All Full Moons
Place: Haad Rin Beach, Thailand
Attractions: Awesome DJ's, Random Scoring, Body Paint, Glow Sticks, Tasty Buckets
Hermanus Whale Watching Festival
Month: September
Place: Hermanus, South Africa
Attractions: Watching Hermanus Whales.
Just For Laughs
Month: July
Place: Montreal, Canada
Attractions: Laughter Shows
Silkeborg Fire Festival
Month: August
Place: Silkeborg, Denmark
Attractions: Fireworks, Fun Fair, Laser Shows.
Symphony of Fire
Month: July/August
Place: Ontario, Canada
Attractions: Musical fireworks, Fireworks competition between three countries, Title of "Master of Fire and Synchronicity".
Up Helly Aal
Month: NA
Place: Shetland, Scotland
Attractions: Guizers Procession, Themed Costumes, Throwing of Torches, Skit, Local Events, Singing, Dancing.
Whitstable Oyster Festival
Month: July
Place: Kent, England
Attractions: Parade, Fire works and nine days of Gouging on Oysters
Sculpture Key West
Month: January to April
Place: Key West, Florida, (U.S.A)
Attractions: Sculpture exhibition
Kwanzaa Festival
Month: August
Place: U.S.A
Attractions: Kinara (Candle holders lit by participants), Celebration of African culture and heritage.
Bastille Day
Month: July
Place: France
Attractions: Parades featuring troops from France and allied countries, Interview of President.
Dragon Boat Racing
Month: June
Place: Hong Kong
Attractions: Dragon Boats
Henley on Todd Regatta
Month: September
Place: Australia
Attractions: Track of Boat Races, Boats, Race Courses.
Cheese Rolling Festival
Month: May
Place: Gloucester, England
Attractions: Cheese Rolling down the hill, Races to catch Cheese.
Crayfish Party
Month: August
Place: Sweden
Attractions: Comical Paper Hats, Paper Tablecloths, Paper Lanterns and Bibs, Outdoor Dining
Highland Games
Month: All over the year
Place: Scotland
Attractions: Events like Bagpipes, Kilt, Caber toss etc
Royal Ascot
Month: August
Place: England
Attractions: Horse Race, Ascot Gold Cup, Dress Codes
Melbourne Comedy Festival
Month: April
Place: Melbourne, Australia
Attractions: Comedy Shows, Sketch Shows, Plays, Improvisational Theatre, Debates, Musical Shows and Art Exhibitions.
Feast of Fools
Month: January
Place: Europe
Attractions: Youngsters playing roles of a mock pope, archbishop, bishop, Dances, Songs
Hogmanay Festival
Month: December-January
Place: Scotland
Attractions: First Footing, Food, Drinks, Exchange of traditional gifts like Salt, Coal, Whisky
Yule Festival
Month: December
Place: Germany
Attractions: Yule log, Yule goat, Yule boar, Yule singing
Lupercalia Festivall
Month: February
Place: Rome
Attractions: Sacrificial Feast, People Dressing in Goat Skins
Twelfth Night Festival
Month: February
Place: Rome
Attractions: Wassail, Special Pastries, Cakes.
Saturnalia Festival
Month: December
Place: Rome
Attractions: School holiday, Making and Giving of Small Presents, Special Market
Hadaka Matsuri Festival
Month: Februrary
Place: Japan
Attractions: People dressed in minimum clothes, sometimes naked

Balloon FestivalsBalloon Festivals
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