Film Festivals

Film Festivals A film festival is generally an annual event where movies are shown which cater to the criteria of that festivals. In involves an organised, extended presentation of films in one or more movie theaters  or screening venues, usually in a single locality. Each film festivals has its own code of conduct.  Sometimes there is a focus on a specific film-maker like Midnight Sun Film festival, genre like Tropfest film festival or subject matter like Cannes film festival etc. Sometimes they involve international releases as well. A number of film festivals specialize in short films, each with its defined maximum length.

Berlin Film Festival
Month: February
Place: Berlin, Germany
Attractions: 19,000 Film professionals from 120 countries, lectures and workshops.
Cannes Film Festival
Month: Brazil Winter
Place: France
Attractions: World's oldest Film Festivals, Stars, Critics, Media, Power Brokers.
London Film Festival
Month: October
Place: London
Attractions: UK largest film festival, Red Carpet, More than 300 films, Stand Alobe Award Ceremony.
Midnight Sun Film Festival
Month: June
Place: Sodankyla, Finland
Attractions: Films Show Without a Break, Introducing of 45 Directors from Younger Generation, Discussions.
Tribeca Film Festival
Month: September
Place: New York, U.S.A
Attractions: Started in response to attacks on the World Trade Center (U.S.A), Documentaries, Narrative Features and Shorts, Family-friendly Films, Panel Discussions, Artists Awards Program
Tropfest Film Festival
Month: April
Place: Sydney, Australia
Attractions: On site voting for the people's choice awards
Shaw Festival
Month: November
Place: Ontario, Canada
Attractions: Display of the works of Shaw and his contemporaries.
Sundance Film Festival
Month: January
Place: Utah, U.S.A
Attractions: Documentary Films, Dramatics, Various Non-Competitive Events

Balloon FestivalsBalloon Festivals
Enjoy the colorful sky with air balloons of different shapes, colors and sizes rising up in the air.
Gay FestivalGay / Lesbian Festival
Have a glimpse of most widely celebrated gay or lesbian festivals in the world.

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