Carnival Festivals

Carnival Festivals A carnival is a festive season which involves a public celebration or parade combined with some instincts of street parties, masks, circus etc. They actually mark an overturning of daily life to celebrate the jubilation of a festivity. Carnivals involve people dressing up in fancy dresses, dances, drinks, music parties etc which create a separate world of their own. Amongst numerous carnivals observed world wide, Rio de Jenario carnival is most popular for fun, excitement and jubilation it offers. Some of the carnivals like Venice are traditional events observed in many cities and regions worldwide.

Aalborg Carnival
Month: May
Place: Aalborg, Denmark
Attractions: Grand Parade, Battle of Carnival Bands and Children's Carnival.
Basel Carnival
Month: Feb & March
Place: Basel, Switzerland
Attractions: Fasnacht, Street Music Parties, Dncing, Singing, Drinking and Dressing up like a Clown
Dusseldorf Carnival
Month: November
Place: Dusseldorf, (Rhineland) Germany
Attractions: Parades, Women stealing beer sips & Kissing, Men Parades in Women Costumes, Party, Dances.
Mardi Gras
Month: March/April
Place: New Orleans, U.S.A
Attractions: Throwing of Beads, Bare breast women, Music, Parades & Picnics
Quebec Winter Carnival
Month: January
Place: Quebec City, Canada
Attractions: Skiing, Snow Rafting, Ice Sculptures, Snow Sled-slides.
Rijeka Carnival
Month: NA
Place: Croatia
Attractions: Rally Paris, Bakar, Participants wearing Masks, Old Modified Cars.
Rio de Janeiro Carnival
Month: February
Place: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Attractions: Samba Parade, Balls, Music & Parties.
Santiago de Cuba Carnaval
Month: July
Place: Santiago de Cuba
Attractions: Street Musical Parties, Whole city plays music.
Venice Carnival
Month: February
Place: Venice, Italy
Attractions: Masks of different traditional characters, Fancy-dress Posers, Parties.
Notting Hill Carnival
Month: August
Place: England
Attractions: Carnival Parade, Music, Dancing and Singing

Balloon FestivalsBalloon Festivals
Enjoy the colorful sky with air balloons of different shapes, colors and sizes rising up in the air.
Gay FestivalGay / Lesbian Festival
Have a glimpse of most widely celebrated gay or lesbian festivals in the world.

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