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Rossini Opera Festival

Month : August
Place : Pesaro, Italy
Famous For : Opera Festival
Attractions : Musical Compositions of Rossini, Opera Events.

The Rossini Opera Festival is a much awaited festival in European country of Italy. It's also popular by the name of Pesaro Festival amongst musicians all over the world. The Rossini Opera Festival is dedicated to Italian opera composer Gioachino Rossini, from which the name of the festival has been derived. The event was held in Teatro Rossini theater which was built in 1818 and has a seating capacity of 850, but after 2000 the venue was shifted to Teatro Sperimentale theatre.

Major Attractions

Rossini Opera Festival

Since its establishment in 1980, the Rossini Opera Festival has been a showcase of Rossini's music to mark occasions in his life and death. Thus, in 1868 when the composer died in Paris, his Stabat Mater (Rossini) was performed along with Semiramide and Otello. The first centennial of Rossini's birth in 1892 saw L'occasione fa il ladro and the twentieth-century seasons saw many Rossini operas including many quite obscure ones. The festival aims of making the world more aware of Rossini's neglected operas and presenting all of them in collaboration with the G. Ricordi & Co. music publishing house, which published their critical editions. Of the approximately three dozen operas written, only a handful are regularly presented. On 13 August 1993, the Italian parliament unanimously approved the Special Law N. 319 "Regulations in support of the Rossini Opera Festival", which recognizes the Pesaro Festival's achievements in the reviving of Rossini's operas. The Rossini Festival has seen many of Rossini's lesser-known works revived, some of which have since entered the standard operatic repertoire.

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